武媚娘传奇: The Empress of China Episode 60 Recap/Review Synopsis and Summary

Mei Niang is pregnant with Li Zhi’s child?!

EDIT: We have solved the mystery. So the plot was supposed to be that Mei Niang was pregnant with Li Shi Min’s child, but the writers thought that deviated too far from history so… they made it Li Zhi child?

Ok that is analogous to not ordering fries at McDonald’s because it’s fat, but then you proceed to order two double-quarter pounders, two Big-Macs, three Filet-O-Fish burgers,  a junior McChicken sandwich, 20 pieces of chicken McNuggets  with a super-sized coke, AND plus still ordering a side of fries.

You thought her having Li Shi Min’s baby was ridiculous and historically incorrect? So you actually decided that to go for something even more ludicrous and historically impossible?

They decided to change this in the plot afterwards through the voiceover dubbing, which explains why it’s so unexplained in the drama. So please excuse parts of this post where I initially thought that the Li Zhi part was written in intentionally, and I put on my investigative hat to thoroughly analyze the scenes. I ask so many rhetorical questions because this part of the drama was very questionable.

/Done EDIT.

There are too many feels from these three episodes that I have to recap and review them first because I have so many feels. And most of them are so negative at this point because I just cannot accept how they played out the love story!!! Maybe it’s because of my love for Li Zhi Ting (Aarif Rahman) but why did they make this so complicated? Maybe I’m too used to the OTP in most dramas so that this seems just so complicated. I’m so love/hate with this drama right now.


So the Emperor dies and Mei Niang rushes back to the the palace to see him one last time (she’s already there because they captured her along with Princess Gao Yang). Look at how sad she is. Look it. She’s crying so hard right? I can’t believe that she sleeps with Li Zhi within a few days – your husband just died! And you’re so sad!!! She proceeds to cry in Cheng Qing Dian.




So do they bang here?!

Li Zhi and Mei Niang don’t interact for the remainder of the time until she becomes a nun, so this must be where they sleep together.

Which… disturbs me. I have so many unanswered questions. First – their relationship did not develop at all during this time into something romantic, it’s just something one-sided, so how it end up to them banging?! Which leads to my second question: people during the ancient times wear a considerable amount of clothing and layers – they really had to make an effort to sleep together because they would have to take off so many layers. It wouldn’t be like a modern drama where the guy would just slip off his belt or something, they would had to really put in effort to strip down.

Thirdly, did they bang right then and there?! it’s an empty palace yes, but I’m sure there are a lot of guards outside, and given that it’s an open room… And also, that is not a bed. That’s like, a stage or stand. Did they bang there? Or did they migrate to a more comfortable place because then again, they put a lot of effort into sleeping together.





I just have so many questions about this plot…

I know historically they get together, but I thought it would be portrayed differently in the drama… At least some build up from Mei Niang that she looks at him romantically or finds him attractive right? As of right now, he’s just a little brother if not worse, as a stepson


Then there’s the long anticipated scene where Xu Hui asks for Mei Niang’s forgiveness, yet it’s outshone by the many questions that I have about MeiNiang’s guilt-free and shameless demeanour. You banged his son!!!

But this was a good scene. Mei Niang refuses her apology, refuses to be friends with her again. Finally, she stands up for herself, and breaks out of the ‘innocent and pure’ Mary Sue persona for a bit.


Xu Hui, having nothing to live for, commits suicide, and returns the jade bangle that Mei Niang once gave her, mended. It was a sad scene – she was left with nothing in the end, and had nothing to live for.


Princess Gao Yang promises to get Mei Niang out of the covent to avenge her dead lover.

Mei Niang enters a covent to become a nun because all of the Emperor’s concubines have to suffer that fate if they haven’t produced a child after his death.



They either got a really good wig or did some really good CGI because the shaving scene was very real.


Calling for “Wu Jie Jie”

At this point Li Zhi shows up after the whole balding ritual to see her one last time. What bugs me is that he calls her Wu jie jie, which means roughly to be big sister – yo you guys banged!!! Does that not change your relationship dynamic a bit?! Such discomfort.


At this point Wu Wang, Li Ke is sent to An Zhou, to govern that state. Zhang Sun Wu Ji, one of the respected chancellors sent spies to spy on him but all eleven are killed – we don’t know who killed them yet. Shu Fei’s previous servant (as seen in the previous picture) begs him to take action and tries to blame it on Li Zhi (even though Li Zhi wouldn’t do that).


14 thoughts on “武媚娘传奇: The Empress of China Episode 60 Recap/Review Synopsis and Summary

    • vawsbu says:

      Haha I thought the same thing! It was my conclusion that they banged in Cheng Qing Dian because that was their only interaction until she becomes a nun (where we find she’s pregnant) so I assume it’s in Cheng Qing Dian. I hope that it becomes clearer after maybe the DVD is released or something because I think it’s so unclear right now partly because Hunan TV cut out a lot of ‘inappropriate’ scenes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ToniaB says:

        I was also in shock. I thought I had missed some episodes that’s why I even had to come online and check the recap. Like HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN. that plot twist doesn’t make any iota of sense at allllllll


  1. Kiyu says:

    Hi, I read this article today


    It turns out the child that mei niang had WAS infact li shi min’s and not li zhi. They did not bang till episode 71 before he officially made her cai ren. This explains why he still call her wu jia jia and act like nothing happened. It makes more sense, since she miscarried it would not be in history anyways. It was an error when it aired and was too late to change it to li shi min’s.


  2. Kiyu says:

    Hi again!

    I looked into this further and then found an article which mentions the first child she miscarried is infact li shi min’s. This explains why li zhi still calls her wu jia jia. It was not li zhi’s. They technically did not get together till episode 71 just before he made her his concubine.


    It was an error made by producers and when they aired it, it was too late to change it back to li shi min’s. It makes more sense for the baby to belong to previous emperor as miscarriages are not listed in the history texts anyways. Hope that clears up any confusion for you all.

    Plus, back in the days people don’t take sex lightly especially if you are a woman. So for her to have sex with li zhi without any commitment on his part does not make sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dao says:

    thanks for the explanations, because I’m currently watching the drama and this pregnancy popped out of nowhere and it seemed soooo absurd?…agreed , thought they made it right after bixa’s death but still?… I had to google and see if I was the only one to find this soooo fetched! 🙂


  4. Cris says:

    Thank you for this! I’m watching this too and I was like whoaaaaaa!!!! I wanted to see the romance played out before they get together. Paused it and had to googled it her too!


  5. dianabetheny says:

    I’m watching the tvb version and there’s this scene where zhangsun wuji(the top chancellor) found out meiniang secretly met the emperor and slept with him in ganlu hall so I guess that’s when she got pregnant, since he died like 1-2 days later.


    • deerlee says:

      Oh my gosh!!! You just answered all of our questions hahaha. I don’t understand why they cut it so badly in the China version but this makes so much more sense than randomly becoming pregnant


  6. Emer says:

    I had to pause the drama and find out what happen. When she said she was pregnant with zhinu child I was like, wait did I click the wrong episode?! I actually ran past the last few episode to see what I had missed. Lol wtf aired the wrong name? Really . Thanks for clearing g up haha


  7. Minna says:

    4 years later your post still helps people so thanks! xD I just got to the part she ”told” the audience that it’s Li Zhi’s child. I Had to pause and come to find an explanation like where the heck did they bang and how tf I missed something like that. I didn’t believe they’d leave something like that out of the series. But thanks to you and all who commented before me and clarified this! Big thanks! :DD


  8. Drama Addict says:

    Thank you so much for the explanation. It make now a lot more sense why Li Shi Min Final edict was to kill the child from Mei Niang if she is pregnant from him.. He know that it might happen when they meet each other for the last time before he die.


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