千金女賊 Lady and the Liar EPISODE 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 RECAP/REVIEW SYNOPSIS AND SUMMARY

Tragedy strikes 😥

Grandpa Ye becomes more and more suspicious of Ye Xin. He knew that only children from rich families could afford vaccines, To figure out if Ye Xin was an imposter, he faked Orthopoxvirus variola on Mama Ye. This freaks Ye Xin out and she goes out to seek medical advice for doctors.


Meanwhile, at the Bai mansion, Ye Xin finds out that Mama Ye has this disease. She has a vaccine shot scar so she knows that she’s immune, so she heads over to the Ye mansion to help. Jiang Xin sees Grandpa Ye there and explains her background further.

He knows that she was on the same train, she’s received a vaccination before, and that she has the same name that Ye Xin initially presented. Everything fits right into the puzzle. Ultimately, it’s Jiang Xin’s attitude and behaviour as well. She lived with the Ye family til she was three years old, so they taught her good manners and morals early on, and Jiang Xin fits the mold much more than Ye Xin. Grandpa Ye doesn’t tell Jiang Xin immediately what he thinks, because… drama. Instead, he asks her to wait outside in the garden for Mama Ye.

Grandpa Ye then proceeds to dumbly confront Ye Xin about it with his conclusions. Yeah Ye Xin confirmed it, but come on, you’re an elderly old man – you should be wise enough to know better, especially if you think that she was evil enough to try to kill your granddaughter and pawnshop owner right?! Dumb, dumb, dumb.

What I learned from dramas from all these years is that you should tell someone immediately when you find out something so big too, so that it can’t be covered up. No one would kill only me when ten other people know right?


Anyways, ranting aside, Grandpa Ye gets pushed off the balcony of his mansion inside. When Jiang Xin sees and holds him in sadness, he tried to tell her that she was his granddaughter.

Honestly, I really don’t think that they should have killed Grandpa Ye off. I was really looking forward to the moment that they had a ‘family reunion’ with Mama Ye and all, because I live for those sweet family moments. I hope they don’t kill off Mama Ye before Jiang Xin remembers her true identity, because what’s the point of regaining your identity when there are no connections with that identity. I mean, yeah it’s a lot of money, but obviously money isn’t an issue here anyways. I would have preferred the sweet Grandpa-Granddaughter relationship development and reunion over this.


Ye Xin hosts a funeral for Grandpa Ye and she acts in the most inappropriate manner ever. She dresses up for it with red lipstick and a lot of jewelry (plus heels). She even requested for a nice pretty picture to be taken of her.


I think Jiang Xin looks a lot better without that bright pink lipstick that she wears in other scenes.


At the funeral, a lot of people thought Jiang Xin and Mama Ye were mother-daughter over Ye Xin and Mama Ye. This pissed Ye Xin off even more, and it made her want to plan against Jiang Xin more (obviously Jiang Xin will proceed to walk into many more of her traps stupidly).


Bai Lang tries to cheer her up by surprising her with different wedding dresses to choose from. It was such a cute scene. She liked one of them but it was the most expensive one. He also gave her a very rare and expensive perfume. As a result, she felt like that she had to return him a gift – a wedding ring, but bought with her own money.


She asks Bai Lang for permission during dinner and she says pretty much the cutest thing: “I just want to make my first paycheque, and give that first paycheque in a special gift to my husband, my marriage”.


Bai Lang obviously loves it because it’s so cute and gives this adorable smile back. He initially refuses to allow her to do so because of her identity as Mrs. Bai, but he said yes on one condition: that her identity would not be revealed.

Ah the cute scenes do not end here!


They have such a cute scene here where he plays the piano and she looks at him with admiration. They flirt together and he kisses her at one point.

She says “It seems like you know how to do everything, but I don’t know how to do anything”.

And he says, “That’s because I want you to admire me forever, and think highly of me forever”.

*screams internally* That is literally the cutest thing I have ever heard.


The scene proceeds to get cuter as he taught her how to waltz. The cute scene comes to a halt when she suddenly asked “I remember this! Someone danced with me like this once. Did you teach me how to dance?”. She actually danced with Jie Wen.

Which suddenly I had a thought. So hypothetically if my boyfriend had amnesia, if he asked me if some things were the things that we once did together I would die every time if that he would unknowingly recall something that he did with an ex-girlfriend.

“Oh hey! I remember having a date here once! Was that with you? That was great!”


Bai Lang actually paid out a lot of places not to hire Jiang Xin to avoid trouble. But he couldn’t bear to see her sad, so he finally paid a newspaper group to hire her, asking them not to expose her as a girl pretending to be a guy. Her new identity is ‘Shi Guan’.


Jiang Xin starts working at the same newspaper group as Jie Wen, and he absolutely hates her. He, thinking that Jiang Xin is a boy named Shi Guan, hates the fact that Shi Guan shares a similar voice to his ‘fiancee’. Meanwhile Jie Wen is still looking for Jiang Xin (but is working with ‘Shi Guan’) but doesn’t know that Shi Guan is really a girl named Jiang Xin.


Jiang Xin goes home and tells Bai Lang all about Jie Wen. Jie Wen has a pen name called Wen Xin, so Bai Lang didn’t know who it really was. Her and Bai Lang have an adorable moment when she said that she wished that Jie Wen was half as good as Bai Lang because Jie Wen was so mean to her. Bai Lang flashes a cute smug smile 🙂


Finally Ye Xin gets some bad karma when the police officer that assaulted her back when she was still in prison finds out that she’s an imposter, pretending to be the granddaughter of the Ye family. His name is Tang Hu, and he blackmails Ye Xin, and threatens to tell everyone her real identity.

Wait, so she decides to try to kill Jiang Xin, successfully kills pawnshop owner, and kills Grandpa Ye, and she doesn’t kill this dirtbag that tries to blackmail her and kill Mama Ye? Where is the logic? I mean if she’s already killed so many, why not Tang Hu?


There are so many elements about Shi Guan that remind Jie Wen of Jiang Xin – plus, he found out that Shi Guan is a girl. So Jie Wen decided that there was only one way to confirm whether Shi Guan was Jiang Xin – get Shi Guan to interview Bai Lang because Bai Lang has seen Jiang Xin before right.


Well what he doesn’t know is that Jiang Xin is Bai Lang’s fiancee and they intentionally pretend not to know each other to hide her identity. Jie Wen accepts that Shi Guan is not Jiang Xin after this interview.

Are you ready to go on a swan-boat ride with me in this river of love? Because we are going on a journey through sweet Bai Lang + Jiang Xin moments.

IMG_2256IMG_2259  IMG_2254IMG_2253IMG_2257

Jiang Xin rounds up everyone to question Bai Lang in front of everyone. She asks him questions to make sure that he is sure that he wants to marry him, and if he has accepted all her flaws. At the end of it, she presents him a wedding ring that she bought with her own money – and he wears it with a smug happy look. You need to watch this scene. It’s the cutest.

He presents her in return the expensive wedding dress that she liked. Suddenly Chun Hua said, why don’t we take wedding pictures?


Tiffany Tang looked so gorgeous in that dress and with her Great-Gatsby-esque head piece.


Bai Lang looks on admiration as she walks down the stairs.


And he cutely says, “I wish I could just marry you right now”.

Oh you guys should have – you guys belong together :’).The romantic boat ride has not ended yet guys:


They chat about how lucky they are to be together, and to go onto the next step together. They’re so happily in love that my heart just melts.


He proceeds to kiss her on the forehead.


This next morning he wakes up to her calling for him, saying that breakfast is ready. He wakes up, kinda smiles (in realization in what happened last night) and buries his face in the pillow. This was so cute. And am I 死變態 (weird/perverted) to be happy that they slept together? I mean they’re the OTP and I’m just glad it was solidified with this.


In the morning at the breakfast table, he kisses her on the cheek lovingly.


Wanting to change what the general public thinks of the Bai family, makes Bai Lang and his crew be nice and support small businesses on the street to change his image. Bai Lang is willing to do whatever makes Jiang Xin happy, even doing something that he doesn’t usually do.


Well folks, our happy romantic swan ride ends there. The cuteness and 幸福 (happiness) pretty much ends there. Now our next ride is called the ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’.


Jiang Xin visits Jie Wen to get photography proofs. At the same time he was putting medicine on his eyes, so Jie Wen temporarily couldn’t see. Hearing her voice, he knew it was Jiang Xin, but Jiang Xin insisted that she was Shi Guan.


This coincidentally and very conveniently was seen by Ye Xin, who told Bai Lang everything.

Bai Lang was very alarmed at the fact that it was a guy with damaged eyes – Bai Lang immediately thought of Jie Wen.

When Jiang Xin went home that night, he confronted her. Bai Lang pretty much confirmed that it was Jie Wen that she was working with all alone, it was just that she and he knew Jie Wen under a pen name.


Bai Lang confronts Jie Wen to make sure that he doesn’t know Shi Guan is Jiang Xin, and demands that he leaves Shanghai (afraid that Jie Wen will ruin the wedding).


In fear, Bai Lang moves the wedding to the end of that week. He was determined to marry her and want to have Jiang Xin forever as his wife. He wanted to take her to France for their honeymoon, and he taught her to call him ‘husband’ in English. Sigh. So bittersweet. He asked her if she had anymore requests for the wedding. There was one: she wanted Mama Ye to be witness to their marriage.


She got Shi Tou to print out a wedding photo as a gift to Mama Ye as well… And well folks, I must warn you – the ride is just going to go downhill from here.


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  1. chrissie says:

    I really like the main hero but everyone else is just so annoying! Especially Jiang Con. Her tendency to rush head first into trouble and complete trust in people is so frustrating that it makes this show almost unbearable for me to watch 😦


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