Eliza Sam Plastic Surgery??? BEFORE/AFTER

Eliza Sam (岑麗香) has been appearing on my screen a lot lately – she’s in so many TVB dramas since all the big names are either getting married or leaving for Chinese dramas. But I’ve noticed that she’s gotten a lot prettier than before, and obviously when you wonder about an actress’ beauty, nearly everyone will question whether its natural or not. I also noticed that her eyelids were a little bit weird in her recent dramas.

So me, being hella basic and in super detective mode searched up her before/after pictures.

For  my personal opinion, I think she did get plastic surgery. Obviously I don’t know for sure, maybe it’s tape or something but her eyelids are definitely different. I have nothing against plastic surgery because if I could guarantee to look as pretty as she is, I would totes get it.

Before you say, “But you can! That’s how plastic surgery works” – I’ve seen too many botched surgeries for me to get it.


Now vs. Highschool

You know what I mean?? There is no doubt that she got double eyelids.

Eliza Sam right now:


So PRETTY! Definitely ‘princess’-level as the media has dubbed her.

Now these are the before pictures that I found on the internet:

During her pageant days:



So her eyelids are very obviously single in the beginning.


Still hella good looking though.


And now:


(from her instagram)


You see how thick her eyelids are there compared to before?

A lot of netizens are saying that she got her ‘inner corners’ cut and double eyelid surgery. Cutting the inner corners open up your eyes (like by a lot). It’s extra apparent in here.


You see her left eye with the extra fat above it with the weird line?


She’s definitely got some tape going on in this one:


Anyways – there was definitely a transitional period because I feel like she slowly got stuff done so it doesn’t look so obvious that she’s doing things to her face:







Her eyelids aren’t so single here anymore and she’s still got some baby fat. You can tell though that her eye shape is still different from her current eyeshape.



She’s so gorgeous and seeing what a huge different it had made makes me so tempted to go get something done on my face (even though I would still not be as gorgeous). I love her with the short brown hair.

More now pics:




There’s two sides – there are netizens out there that feel like that Eliza is all natural and that she didn’t get anything done and get mad when people accuse her of plastic surgery. They say that it’s losing baby fat – but I don’t think baby fat makes you have double eyelids.

I honestly think those people are hella stupid when they get mad when their idol gets accused of plastic surgery because for some reason they correlate plastic surgery with fakeness and negativity but I personally think that hey, if it makes you better, go for it! It’s like dying your hair, exercising, and putting on make-up – if this permanent change makes you feel happier and better about yourself then you should definitely do it.

Thoughts about her change? She’s come a long way since 2010.


3 thoughts on “Eliza Sam Plastic Surgery??? BEFORE/AFTER

  1. Zhang says:

    I used to think plastic surgery was okay as long as your plastic features still looked natural and not botched. Because some actresses have had such obvious procedures, it’s the very first thing you notice about them and completely distracts from their role, especially in period dramas.

    Now, I’m not so sure anymore. I think it’s worrying that Chinese celebrities generally strive for a more Eurasian than Eastasian look. Why do all of them get strong, parallel double eyelids and high nose bridges but never the opposite? Why do they prefer features that most Europeans have but are less common (but still existent) among us? I don’t know what to think about this.


  2. Tina says:

    Thank you for sharing this post! I adore Eliza Sam. She is gorgeous. I had my first aesthetic procedure last month and I am completely sure that if celebrities that I like don`t have this surgery, I would do it anyway. People indeed follow their celebrities but they don`t change their bodies because of them, the changed them because they want


  3. Carmen says:

    Hmmm I don’t really care about her eyes. People seem to always talk about her possible eye surgery. But what about her nose?!? I don’t know if it’s natural or not, but she has one of the prettiest and most feminine noses I’ve ever seen. If it’s surgically-enhanced then whoever did it is super talented lol. Because it looks perfect and natural, unlike some of the other sharp noses (esp. on Asians) I’ve seen that look upturned, too sharp, and plastic.


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