武媚娘传奇: The Empress of China Episode 7, 8, 9 Recap/Review Synopsis

Episode 7, 8, and 9 of Empress of China 武媚娘传奇網上觀看


Empress of China episode 7, 8, and 9 are so slow that I decided to do one big review. Maybe that’s why they always feature three episodes at a time? I might start doing this as a regular thing because the story line has just been dragging on. Episode 6/7 (depends on which station you watch it from, because it cuts in different areas) starts with RuYi getting attacked because she decided to go to Cheng Qing Dian alone.


Note the place where she gets choked. Her choking bruised mark afterwards is a LOT lower on her neck.

And again, conveniently, the Emperor shows up right on time and saves her. If you’re watching the drama or are familiar with how palaces are structured back then, they are an open room with very few things obstructing one’s view. Most furnitures and decorations were really low because people sat on the ground. So how does RuYi run into the Emperor’s open arms after the assassins attacked her in the open space, and that Emperor and his eunuch did not see them?


How do you miss the assassins in an OPEN ROOM?!

RuYi faints and gets carried to the Emperor’s personal palace to rest. She later meets up with Shu Fei to thank her for saving her, because Shu Fei was the one that told the Emperor that RuYi was being tortured so the Emperor could save her in time. Shu Fei asked RuYi if Ruyi was going tell the Emperor about Wei Fei’s torture – RuYi said no, because there must be a reason why Wei Fei has been able to act like this with all the other concubines, and she did not want to add on to the Emperor’s worries. Shu Fei agreed, and told RuYi that she wanted to see her to convince RuYi not to say anything as well, for the same reason.


Then later, between her and her servant, Shu Fei admits her true intentions. She actually wanted RuYi accuse Wei Fei so that the Emperor would hate RuYi, and the assassins were actually sent by her. The assassins, if successful, would make it look like Wei Fei did it, which would kill two birds with one stone. Sneakyyy.


We finally meet the Crowned Prince! Well unfortunately we meet Li Cheng Qian when his horse becomes scared, and tramples on his leg. His leg is broken. This is suspected to be an assassination on the prince, as very few people know that his horse gets spooked easily (why would you still use that horse?! It’s like a hazard waiting to happen).




Debating on whether to keep Li Cheng Qian as Crowned Prince

We cut scene to the Emperor revealing to RuYi that WanYan had intended to murder her but the murder weapon caused her to murder herself, as the pot (with two configurations, one that would release poison, and one that would release wine) was switched to be vice versa. He told her that she was banished to Ye Ting as a punishment, because they couldn’t find the murderer, and as WanYan was of a general’s daughter, it was a way to explain what happened. RuYi had to be the scapegoat.


Ye Ting is pretty much a place for all women – concubines and servants alike, that have done something wrong, and it’s their punishment. I guess they get demoted to be laundry women.


Ye Ting

Wei Fei wants to make sure that RuYi can’t come back, so she sends her servant, Chun Ying to bribe Luo Yu Shan (who likes to be called General Luo). General Luo is the bully of Ye Ting so she happily accepts the task of disfiguring RuYi.


We cut scene to the Crown Prince, his wife and Chen Xing. Here’s some scandalous backstory – for the past three years the Crown Prince is inseparable from Chen Xing – so much that there are rumours that he is gay. Even Tai Zi Fei (Crown Prince Wife translated), is jealous. Even when her and the Crowned Prince are having private conversations Chen Xing gets to listen in. Crown Prince justifies that it’s because Chen Xing saved him from a bear once.


Confrontation between Tai Zi Fei, Crowned Prince, and Chen Xing


Pang Po Po

RuYi remeets Pang PoPo in Ye Ting. Pang Po Po is wary of her, and is insistent that she is sent by a certain ‘someone’. Long story short (this part is so drawn out) RuYi defends Pang Po Po against General Luo, and later in the day, Pang Po Po defends RuYi against General Luo by cutting herself on the arm, and saying if General Luo disfigures RuYi, Pang Po Po will blame her arm’s wound against General Luo. Pang Po Po is very mysterious, and if anything happens to her, the people that harmed her will disappear or die.



Meanwhile Xu Hui makes it big! She gets favoured by the Emperor and gets rewarded with a lot of material goods. She finds RuYi in the night, and they decide to become ‘sisters’, which in the olden days just saying a bunch of phrases and bowing to each other a few times.


Meanwhile, it turns out General Luo has a really sad backstory. She was in love with someone inside the palace (which is forbidden for a servant) and even gotten pregnant (even worse for a servant!). That’s why she’s in Ye Ting. As for the guy, his eyes are gouged out and his tongue his cut, and he’s been in a ‘water prison’ (that’s direct translation, I don’t know what it is) for 10 years. Every year, General Luo goes to yell at him and tell him how much she hates him, because he abandoned her, and even told her to abort the child! This year, when she visited him, she found out she was dead. Upon finding this out, she was very sad and started burning his letters- once torn apart, and glued together again. RuYi decides to show up to comfort General Luo.

This really proves my point of the ‘perfect’ protagonist. This woman, on two occasions has tried to disfigure you and hasn’t shown you a shred of empathy or kindness, and you decide to comfort her despite all of this and you didn’t even know her backstory?! That’s why RuYi is so unrelateable and unrealistic to me.

Anyways while General Luo burns the letters and reveals her backstory, RuYi reads the letters and finds out that General Luo’s lover is not a bad guy – he wanted to elope with her! It turns out that General Luo is illiterate, and she had Chun Ying (Wei Fei’s servant) to read her these letters, and help her write letters in response. She was tricked! So sad. General Luo’s acting in this scene and her confrontation with Chun Ying was so good. It was so realistic.


General Luo decides to confront Chun Ying – but she can only do so by ‘luring’ Chun Ying to Ye Ting (because normally, nobody would want to go visit there). They kill two birds with one stone by pretending that General Luo had disfigured RuYi (but really it was make-up, and I must say, that’s pretty advanced make-up for back then) so Chun Ying would come by to confirm RuYi’s disfiguration. During their confrontation, Chun Ying admits to lying to General Luo, all just because Wei Fei hated pregnant women – because if Wei Fei couldn’t have one, no one could either. So cruel. General Luo attempts to kill Chun Ying but fails, and gets lightly punished for attempted murder (she’s out and about in Ye Ting the next day).


Meanwhile, Pang Po Po gets RuYi to help her to write a letter to the anonymous person that she hates. Apparently she was the nanny to that anonymous person and his brothers. She hates him because he killed his brothers since she loves them all so dearly and equally. Pang Po Po gets RuYi to deliver it.


Conveniently and coincidentally, it’s the Emperor she hates. In order to become Emperor, he had killed his brothers. This is one of those occurrences created by producers so the Emperor can fall in love with RuYi (but again, no chemistry).


Lastly, RuYi meets Li Zhi (nicknamed Zhi Nu), who is the 9th prince. The young version actually looks a lot like the older version. If you’ve seen him in the beginning song and at the end, you’ll know that he’s super good looking and attractive. I’m so excited for when he appears in the drama. As history would have it, RuYi and Li Zhi ends up together at the end, but I’m very sure that he wasn’t this young when they met. I think they were around 3-5 years apart since she entered the palace at 13, the producers probably intended for her to be 17 while he was 12 or something, but man this seems so wrong that she falls in love with him afterwards when she’s like 25 and he’s 20. I think I’ll enjoy this drama once he shows up since he’s so good looking. The episode ends with RuYi asking Zhi Nu to make her some puppets.

5 thoughts on “武媚娘传奇: The Empress of China Episode 7, 8, 9 Recap/Review Synopsis

  1. alla says:

    do you think li chen qian is gay? i think his wife kinda suscpects it doesn’t she?
    i’m from indonesia and the indonesian subtitle is not very good and i don’t speak chinese either, so i miss a lot of intresting points on the series


    • Jack says:

      If your English is good. The just go search for ” The Empress of China ” on the internet.
      And after that you will find a lot of good results. Look at the websites below and you will the ones with English subtitles. Its either KissAsian or Dramacool.


  2. hazal says:

    Bro why are people SO mad at ruyi. She’s one of the only person with a heart and kindness in this show. Her being kind doesn’t make her a boring character. What’s so bad about her? I don’t get it


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