武媚娘传奇: The Empress of China Episode 10, 11, 12 Recap/Review Synopsis and Summary

Episode 10, 11, 12 of Empress of China Summary 武媚娘传奇網上觀看

Episode 55 and the trailer for Episode 56 for Empress of China looks so good. Yes I’ve watched so far ahead lately because I’ve been working a lot at home on my online business and other projects, but it makes me want to pump out all these recaps and reviews faster so I can be all caught up with the newest episodes. Trust me, it gets so much better than this, so it’s worth watching. It might be worthwhile to skim a few episodes though, because there are a lot of filler episodes.

For example, episode 10, 11, and 12 is one big filler episode that can be filled into one episode but they just got so much unnecessary stuff going on. I guess for character development, but it doesn’t really add on to the plot.

I’m currently watching the series on EDrama.


We pick up with RuYi being 多管閒事 (nosey), and deciding to mediate the conflict between Pang Po Po and the Emperor. She asks Zhi Nu to create puppets for her, so RuYi can illustrate in a puppet play to Pang Po Po that Pang Po Po’s ending would have been the same because if the Emperor hadn’t murdered his brother, his brother would have murdered the Emperor anyways for power. Pang Po Po suddenly becomes very angered at her presentation, but mistakes Zhi Nu for the young Emperor – she’s losing her discerning power slowly.


At one point, she’s losing her mind so much that the Emperor decides finally to see her, before she completely loses her power to recognize people. When she sees the Emperor, she tells him how much she’s missed him, and that he was her favourite, and that he should learn to forgive. Suddenly she calls him by ‘Jian Cheng’, which is his brother’s name – Pang Po Po thought she was talking to the Emperor’s brother all along – ouch. Imagine being told that you’re someone’s favourite, then realizing they were talking about somebody else (that you killed, no less). The Emperor corrects Pang Po Po’s mistake, and because her sickness is getting so bad, the Emperor decides to move her out of Ye Ting into a palace closer to him so she can receive the care that she needs.


Meanwhile there’s a big event at the palace – Liu Li Yan! It’s where all parts of China come together and celebrate, hosted by central China. From what I understand, it includes numerous tribes on the outskirts (I guess back then, probably the Mongolians) and even though ruled by the current Emperor, the Emperor still needs to impress these people as they don’t see him often (this is what I’ve gathered, correct me if I’m wrong). Because of this big event, many punished women at Ye Ting are released – including RuYi (but General Luo wasn’t).


After being released, RuYi was given her cai ren title back again. Wei Fei (left) realizing that General Luo lied to her about disfiguring RuYi’s face, was furious. She sent her servant, Chun Ying, to kill General Luo. RuYi arrived to stop it, but she was too late.


Meanwhile in the chao ting, the meetings that the Emperor has with his chancellors, Chancellor Wei suggested that it was time to crown a new Empress. Yes, Chancellor Wei is related to Wei Fei – she’s his niece. If crowned Empress, the Wei family would be even more powerful. There are many oppositions from different sides because not wanting the Wei family to have so much power.

If made Empress, Wei Fei would not pose that much of a threat to the current Crown Prince, as she has no children. But if De Fei or Shu Fei were made Empress, because they both have sons, Li Cheng Qian, the current crown prince’s position might be compromised.

The likelihood of Shu Fei or De Fei being made Empress is very slim though, as they both came from ‘criminal’ families (meaning that their families may have belonged to the previous ruling class that has been usurped or a family that have tried to commit treason against the Emperor). Shu Fei is from the Sui Dynasty.

The Emperor puts off crowning a new Empress, and says that he needs to consider it further. Meanwhile he appoints Shu Fei, not Wei Fei, to be in charge of Liu Li Yan this year, which is a really big deal because it implies that he might be considering to crown Shu Fei as Empress (especially appointing her after having the whole Empress conversation).


The Crown Prince drinks and does nothing all day because he’s mad that there’s no investigation and prosecution of who caused him to fall off the horse. It’s his way of showing his displeasure – what a child.


Screencap is included because Shu Fei’s shocked reaction is so funny and fake LOL


Shu Fei gifts a beautiful blue fan to RuYi (which becomes important later on in the story)


The princes have to compete in a fight in order to get the privilege of hosting the ‘horse’ segment of Liu Li Yan. The Crown Prince was supposed to win everything – the other princes always just let him win. This time, Cheng Qian insulted Li Ke (Prince of Wu)’s mother, Shu Fei. Li Ke was so angry that he fought him forreal. ChengQian deserved it – you do not insult someone’s mom – it’s very disrespectful and not prince-like.


Simultaneously Zhi Nu and RuYi bump into each other. While returning a baby bird back into its mother’s nest, Zhi Nu slips and hangs off a tree. Luckily, RuYi breaks his fall by semi-catching him (but really, he just landed on her). He was supposed to participate in the competition that all the princes were fighting in, so he gets RuYi to escort him there, as he hurt his leg while falling on RuYi. Once there, Zhi Nu coincidentally witnesses Li Ke about to hurt Cheng Qian, so he runs in with a sword to protect Cheng Qian. Zhi Nu is a very sweet younger brother that just wants to protect both his brothers. But not knowing of the dangers, Zhi Nu almost gets sliced with the sword, but fortunately Ru Yi jumps in and pulls him out of harm’s way, with the sword skimming her head, and releasing her hair from the bun.


Fan BingBing looks so beautiful in this scene… Her hair falling out of the bun looks so epic and just right. I can’t describe it – she really looks like a goddess in that scene. Pretty much from this incident there are two outcomes: she proves to the Emperor again that she is ‘special’, and the other princes get to know her existence as well.

There were a lot more other scenes of course in these three episodes but just a lot of scenes for… character development I guess. There are a lot of scenes between RuYi and the Emperor, and how they slowly fall in love, or how she proves to him how intelligent he is. I tend to zone out of those because I find that they have no chemistry, making me have no interest in their ‘love story’. I feel like its kind of a way for them to justify the plot, because it would make it more believable that RuYi would do so much for the Emperor, and the Emperor for her as well. There are also a lot of those gossipy and conniving scenes between the concubines that don’t add to the plot, but it makes you understand how calculating they are – again, character development. Anyways it gets better, to me, this is the boring and more predictable part.

3 thoughts on “武媚娘传奇: The Empress of China Episode 10, 11, 12 Recap/Review Synopsis and Summary

  1. Mai says:

    thank you so much for all the recaps of the shows. I’m waiting for the eps to be subbed T_T Reading your recaps helps me figure out what’s happening. It just so happens that I stumbled upon ‘Cruel romance’ ‘Lady&liar’ and ‘the empress of china’ and i couldn’t find episodes with subtitles. so big big big thank you for recapping!!! <333

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  2. hazal says:

    Yes some of the scenes were cut out but it’s fine i guess. I hope they don’t cut out important scenes later on. Secondly Wu RuYi looks so gorgeous in every scene. Love her character


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