Finale tomorrow!!!

I went from gushing about Li Zhi a week ago, and now I hate him. I can’t stand his inability to see through other’s intentions and his lack of empathy for Mei Niang. He doesn’t even know when he’s being used. It’s one of my pet peeves – you see a lot of people that can be fooled by an act or things they hear, it’s like they lack an ability to discern from right from wrong – it’s they lack the ability to think critically. There are several scenes in these two episodes make me so angry.

In this episode, nearly everything becomes resolved and Li Hong’s murderers are prosecuted. Assassins attempt to kill Ming Chongyan – the sorcerer that has been working under Mei Niang all along. In order to find out who killed Li Hong, Chongyan had spread rumours that he knew who the killer was, and had evidence. Chongyan wears armour beneath his shirt and he is not killed by the arrow.


Meanwhile, back at the palace, the Emperor receives a secret note about Mei Niang. Rui An conveniently eavesdrops at the right time, because, drama. The Emperor leaves the note on the table, conveniently for Rui An to read.


The note was that Mei Niang was the one that poisoned Li Hong, and she also killed An Ding as well, to dethrone Empress Wang. The Emperor obviously gets thrown into a huge bout of anger because he has no ability to critically think about it. Mei Niang has slept by his for all these years and this is how he reacts to unconfirmed rumours about her? I am really unimpressed.




The Emperor spends time at Ming Yue’s personal chambers… and she take advantage of his upset mood to kiss him. I mean, he could’ve pushed her away right? I find it so disgusting because he’s treated her as a daughter all along, and now that the opportunity has presented itself for him to sleep with her… he just does it unquestioningly? She’s Mei NIang’s niece, technically his niece too right?! I just can’t. Also the age difference hasn’t bothered me a lot until now… but it does. She’s like 14 years old, and he’s like late 50’s?

I just also want to mention that Aarif’s acting has gotten a lot worse, acting like an old man. If you notice in his scenes, all he does is hunch over and squint. He doesn’t give off that ‘Emperor’ vibe as well. His acting is very unconvincing. It really pales in comparison to how Bing Bing’s character’s developed.


They need to match her foundation to her neck


So Li Xian and Ming Yue meet in secret, and GASP, turns out they planned the assassination of Li Hong together. I knew this yesterday from the comments so I wasn’t too surprised. It seems like that they have some sexual tension going on – with their hand holding and such. Maybe Hunan TV cut out some parts again?


The Emperor claims to be sick all the time, and leaves Mei Niang to do his real political job of taking care of the country. She’s working hard on your behalf 嘔心瀝血 (and receiving all this hate) just so you can rest and not worry, and you think that she’s power-hungry? She’s doing this for YOU! And not only do you think that she’s wielding political power for her own sake, you think that she killed her own children, and you sleep with her niece. 你不但不體諒她,你還搭上她的姪女!! I really can’t even with you, Li Zhi. 太過分了!!!!A

After sleeping with Ming Yue, the first time Mei Niang and Li Zhi see each other, he tries to explain himself after Mei Niang very bitterly says “I’ll take care of the political matters while you can spend more time with Ming Yue”.

Li Zhi responded with the most unappreciative thing ever. He says that he enjoys talking to Ming Yue because her passion, recklessness, innocence, and willing to do anything for love reminded him of the young Mei Niang that he fell in love with. It annoys me. In a way he is saying that he’s doing this just because he loves Mei Niang (which if you really loved her, you would not find a different concubine). In a different sense, this comment pushes the responsibility back to Mei Niang. He’s subtly faulting her for losing all those traits and becoming a different person.

Can you have less empathy for a woman that has to rule a country for you? Obviously as one gets older and with more responsibility, they lose their innocence and become less reckless. Mei Niang is only taking care of the country for you, for love.

IMG_1488 IMG_1489

Anyways. Ming Chongyan tells Mei Niang about the assassination, and that he lied about having evidence about Li Hong’s death. He’s spread rumours that he has evidence of who the murderer is, and related it back to a person that only him and Mei Niang know – Zhang Sun Shen. Chongyan fakes his death in order to for the assassins to stop looking for him.


They make Li Xian the Crown Prince. I feel really bad for Mei Niang because everyone has turned against her even though she’s just trying her best for her family. Somehow she’s made a villain out from this whole ordeal where she’s just been keeping her family and country together. She reassures Li Xian that she doesn’t intend to try to take his power away, and that she’ll stop being involved in political affairs. What would’ve been a moment of letting go and relief becomes sour when Li Xian asks her about Zhang Sun Shen – the name that only her and Ming ChongYan should know. She immediately understands that this must be the ‘clue’ or ‘key piece’ that ChongYan had made up in order to lure the murderer out. She immediately looks understandably distraught and upset.

Li Xian has turned into Li Tai – willing to put everything behind the throne. I guess that’s royal family life, it’s just so sad that the ending that Mei Niang had sought to prevent had come true regardless.


Meanwhile, Li Zhi, being a untrusting assh*le even after 20ish years, investigates Mei Niang for killing Li Hong. He asks detectives to figure out Ming ChongYan dies. It doesn’t detail clearly on how he narrows it down to Li Xian’s personal servant, but Li Xian’s personal servant is kidnapped and tortured for answers. The Emperor conveniently just captures the right person, because… drama.


And how many times in this drama have we seen people willing to commit suicide before interrogation? Remember the young servant that tried to cause Mei Niang to miscarry while she was tai zi fei? She bit into a poisonous ball (lodged in her mouth) immediately when she was suspected. This is probably the only guy throughout the whole drama that successfully got tortured and properly interrogated. Anyways, he confesses that, acting on the orders of Li Xian, he murdered Ming ChongYan and Li Hong.


Meanwhile, Mei Niang finally finds evidence that confirms that Li Xian murdered Li Hong. She orders the soldiers to surround his personal chambers.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.41.44 AM

And that little brat during this scene still doesn’t feel any remorse for he did. Even while being surrounded, he threw out hurtful words towards Mei Niang, saying that she schemed this against him, and that she’s been manipulating him the whole time. Li Xian still kept a ‘victim-mentality’ and blamed everything on his mother, instead of taking responsibility onto his wrongful actions. All she could do was cry and try to stay strong – I mean, that’s her son, and she raised him. How big of a failure would you feel if your son turned out to be such an irresponsible d-bag that would murder his own brother for power?

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.51.41 AM

Li Xian got sent into exile after much pleading from Mei Niang – the Emperor originally wanted to kill him for the murder of this brother. He’s about to depart outside the royal palace, and Mei Niang sends him off quietly from afar.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.53.16 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.53.35 AM

Ming Yue comes to see him off, and Mei Niang conveniently overhears everything. Look at that screencap. How loudly could they have been talking for Mei Niang to hear everything so clearly from so far away?! I mean, if I was involved in the assassination of a prince and planning the assassination of another royal, I would actually whisper. Plus she’s actually not very well covered by those bamboo trees too so if they actually just looked around, they wouldn’t have gotten caught. But I mean… these are 14 to 16 year old kids. When I was 14 I tried to microwave an egg to cook it, so I’m not judging.

Mei Niang overhears the kids talk about murdering her, by delivering to her poisoned tea.


Her headdress isn’t bad in this scene

And in the following scenes, Mei Niang is so cool, so 帥. I just have no words to describe her – so suave, so dominant, so ‘boss’. She doesn’t lose her cool once, and she definitely doesn’t blink when her life is on the line. She receives the poisoned tea leaves, and she decides to give it to Ming Yue as a gift. Since the Empress and the Emperor were revered like Gods back then, when you were gifted something from them, you had to graciously accept it.


The Empress goes to Ming Yue’s personal chambers to watch her drink the poisoned tea.


This scene was so boss and so cute at the same time. Ming Yue suddenly jumps up in anger, and Rui An suddenly jumps in and yells “Protect the Empress!” which somehow came off as super adorable (maybe because he seems to be over vigilant), but Mei Niang was so boss and she doesn’t even blink an eye. She said, “Rui An, don’t worry. There’s nothing to fear when you’re against a person that’s about to die”. Wooow. She is just so cool.

In the conversation that they had, there was this one part where the Empress looks her in the eye and says “We tend to exaggerate our kindness or our hate. What did Li Xian promise you? Being Empress?”. I feel like the sexual tension in the earlier scenes between Li Xian and her was real – maybe she partially did it for love. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I wonder if she’s actually dead. There was this part in the previous trailer that talked about her being poisoned with the bracelets that Mei Niang had gifted? Or is this just a result of bad editing?


By the time the Emperor arrives, Ming Yue is dead (thank god). He confronts Mei Niang, and thats when it ends.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.59.27 AM

I didn’t know where to fit this in, but the Emperor and the Empress had several scenes after Li Xian was prosecuted where they were in dismay in who to make Crown Prince. Apparently the other brothers, Li Xien (it’s actually spelled Li Xian but I’m spelling it Li Xien to prevent confusion), and Li Dan are very incompetent, and they definitely cannot rule a country.

Episode 95, 96 FINALE!

Alright, they were right. Li Xien is a d-bag. In the trailer, he requests that when the Emperor dies, the Empress should be killed to be buried with him. This is what olden day people did (even in ancient Egypt too) when royalty died, some concubines would be killed to be buried with the death of an Emperor or King. That unfilial son!

Mei Niang and Emperor have a very sweet firework scene where he passes away.

All I can say about these trailers is that Li Zhi’s make-up is so bad!! It just looks like a white cast over his face that makes it all lumpy and stuff but there aren’t even wrinkles on his face. It just looks like, well, a mask. Last episode tomorrow! I guess we all kind of know how it turns out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.02.38 AM

This possibly is the worst ‘old-person’ make-up in the history of make-up.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.02.48 AM

Can this be more fake looking? You guys had a 49 million dollar budget.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.02.50 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.02.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.02.42 AM

I feel like I could’ve done a better job at doing his make-up

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.02.24 AM

Yet Mei Niang looks very much the same?!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.02.26 AM


  1. Kiyu says:

    Hi thanks for the recaps again. The poison bracelet part was end of episode 93. It was after Ming yue and empress wu had a chat and Ming yue cheekily tells empress wu that she’s already the emperor’s woman (li zhi disgusting man I now hate u),I don’t know what happened after. Emperor found out bracelet poisoned and told everyone else that Ming yue is just sick. Nothing happened after that so I thought eh am missing something cos next episode Ming yue was fine again (until empress wu did poison her)


  2. Kiyu says:

    Thanks for recap. End of episode 93 she was poisoned by bracelets, but i think she put it in there herself, after that scene she was fine in 94. So I’m confused too. But yes Ming yue is dead.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kiyu says:

    I think they edited some parts and prob forgot to put back in cos after she was poisoned by bracelets end of 93, it went straight to Li Xian and empress wu in 94. And emperor acted like nothing happened.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A says:

    Yikes…I briefly skimmed over some of your summary in fear of what the episodes today would be like and I’m just going to skip them since they are so rage-inducing. I will say that while I wanted to throw stuff at Li Zhi after reading what he did, I wonder if his untrusting nature is because he never quite believed Mei Niang when she said that she had nothing to do with GaoYang’s death when he asked her during their coronation; he didn’t look entirely convinced when she shook her head at that time. Still, it doesn’t excuse his behavior!!! Hope he redeems himself in the next episode with the “What are you saying you unfilial son?!” thing and the fireworks. It seems like they worked stuff out and he held out against agreeing with his son’s request since he says “Someday, I hope to be buried with you” in the commercial (which implies after she dies of natural death right?!).

    His makeup definitely looks awful! They could have done a better job and it looks even worse next to Fan Bing Bing because she basically looks unchanged and she’s supposed to be older! I laughed at your comment that you could have done a better job haha. Thanks for the hard work again!


    • vawsbu says:

      I know right?! I was raging so hard during episode 93 and 94. I think his untrusting nature is because Mei Niang loved the previous Emperor first and she only stayed to avenge her dead child so it kind of set the tone for the relationship – her as a manipulative revenge-seeking woman… but still, she’s proven him wrong so many times once he found out the truth!

      And his make-up… even Rui An’s make-up looks better than his! I remember watching behind the scenes and they were talking about using a few hours to apply make-up – and I was like really… they did a pretty crappy job.


  5. panda-pop says:

    HAHA, I thought the exact same thing with the telling-all-our-murderous-secrets-in-the-forest scene! if only all evil schemes were foiled that effortlessly. the writers must exhaust all their energy on coming up with new ways to explain away the bad stuff wu mei nian is known for doing historically. by the time they get to fleshing out the different characters/plots/details, they pretty much go with whatever is the easiest way to move the story forward.

    I stumbled across your blog after stalking the drama a bit on spcnet’s forum– can’t believe you’re recapping the whole thing! that is *dedication*.


    • deerlee says:

      Hahah i know right! The forest scene was so simple and painfully predictable thar i felt like the producers just gave up too! Thank you! I didnt know of spcnet until now – will definitely check it out! I only have a few episodes left in between that i have to fill in now 😀


  6. perelynn says:

    Thank you for putting together those juicy recaps! I have started watching this drama a couple of weeks back. Very quickly I got tired of the concubine side plots and just wanted to move to interesting stuff. Your recaps helped a lot. So far, my fav plotlines are MeiNiang+LiZhi pairing up to about the time when they marry, and MeiNiang+Li Ke relationship, which wasn’t romantic, but I think it was almost richer than her relationships with Li Zhi. MeiNianig and Li Ke have been through so much side by side, albeit not always together. When Li Zhi confronted Mei Niang over him, I expected her to laugh her sides off. Seriously! He is like a brother to her. An elder brother. Li Ke is my fav character in the whole drama by far. Too bad his ending was quite sad.

    So basically I used your recaps to fish out all the juicy details, and then watched only the pieces that I wanted instead of having the watch the whole thing *shudders*. I have my own review written on the show, but they are in Russian and probably would not be much of fun to you. So please accept my thanks instead, for all your work!

    Liked by 1 person

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