Oh man. I watched the first episode of this and I just have to shit on it. I always try to give dramas a chance by watching the first episode but it was just so bad. The reason why it’s bad is that it’s overly dramatic in a modern day world. The problems are real but they’re self-inflicted that you don’t feel so much sympathy for the main characters. You roll your eyes at every ‘obstacle’ that they face, knowing that it could easily be fixed by logic. The costumes and set aren’t amazing, and the actresses don’t wow me – so will not be watching further.



The CGI and costumes in this are so bad. Have I been spoiled too much by the set and costumes for Empress of China? The bad CGI are so distracting – I guess they didn’t have enough money to hire stunt doubles for the fight scenes, so they decided to have the real actors act it out but have fake CGI effects from their arms or something. The characters are so typical and two-dimensional (the basic bitches of the drama world) and the plot line is dull. I thought I could be pulled in with Janine Chang because she’s such a good actress but even she couldn’t save this. There are so many characters that it’s hard to even get to know and like one of them. Cannot watch this either.



I am the most excited for The Imperial Doctress 明妃傳. I liked Cecilia Liu a lot from Bu Bu Jing Xing – her acting is natural and not over the top, and even though she’s so pretty, she can still pull off the tomboy and adventurous attitude. I love olden day dramas, and apparently it’s mirrored after Dae Jang Geum – which I’ve watched both the Korean and the TVB Cantonese version, and I liked them both.

Plus Wallace Huo is the Emperor, and he’s so handsome. The whole cast being so attractive is a plus ;).



Jiro Wang’s circle lenses and his pretty-boy image is too much for me. Like button up your damn shirt man. His flamboyant outfits really annoy me, and his face is looks so fake now after so many years of being in the industry.

Ok that was harsh but it came from the bottom of my heart. More rant:

I don’t find the female lead that attractive either. I can tell that it’s going to be one of those very uninteresting typical dramas with bad acting. Plus, the CGI is so bad, again.



I’m just so excited for any drama with Hawick Lau because he’s just so good looking and he’s such a good actor. He’s going to be playing a similar role as Bai Lang, where he’s a powerful man and has a relationship full of angst with his love interest.

Zheng Shuang is in it, and I’ve also reviewed Love Weaves Through a Millennium. Honestly her squeaky voice is really damn annoying, and I get annoyed that she doesn’t enunciate her words, but she slurs them. And I hate her ‘sultry-eyed’ look with her pout – honestly I think she’s a bad actress but she’s pretty. I hope her acting doesn’t ruin the drama.



OK – let’s get the shallow reasons out of the way. I definitely don’t find the female lead or the male lead attractive at all. Even the synopsis for the story line is not very attractive – pretty much poor girl falls in love with multiple love interests – good guys, rich arrogant guys, and etc. Again, it has to be a really good plot for modern dramas to succeed, otherwise the problems just seem very self-inflicted.

Overall the ones that are playing now are really not my cup of tea, so I’m just waiting for The Imperial Doctress and The Cage of Love to come out. You guys might see a lack of updates until those dramas come out (or maybe something better suddenly pops up). If I get more free time, maybe I’ll watch an old drama, and if it’s good I’ll recap that.


Thanks for everyone’s comments! So glad that we all have the same sense of humour 🙂 heh.

Pictures from MyDramaList.com; Synopses can be found on their website. 


  1. archidisign says:

    Awesome! Will be waiting for your awesomely fun recaps soon. Me too, I am waiting for GOOD dramas to come out. Right now, there really is nothing to watch…

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  2. miyeon says:

    I’m sad that you won’t be recapping Love&Life&Lie. I know it’s the typical modern drama but I like the actress and of course Chen Xiao. There’s a serious drama drought both in Kdramaland and China. I used to like Zheng Shuang’s acting before she went all plasticity but after LWTHM I dislike her acting even more. Though, I found a gem in that drama Jing Boran.

    Still, I’ll be waiting for your recaps!

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  3. chasingpolaris says:

    I’m actually watching The Four and liking it…haha. The costumes are not that bad. I mean, it’s not a palace drama so I’m not really expecting elaborate costumes and headpieces. I do agree the CG is really distracting and there are quite a few plot holes. Good thing I already know the story like the back of my hand. The only thing that is keeping me going is Janine Her story is about get even more interesting from episode 8.

    There was a medical drama that was airing at the same time as Lady and Liar. It’s called Grow Up. I have to say it’s probably the best modern drama I’ve seen in the last two years, but it’s so underrated because there isn’t an “idol” packaging to it.

    Anyway, let’s hope you find something to watch. I’ll be waiting for your recaps!

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  4. Lizzieyen says:

    If you have the time, see if you can catch Cuo Dian Yuan Yang – qi ji is there and he is not a psycho dude 🙂 ita light hearted watching ! Btw , love your recaps too

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  5. lifewithdramas says:

    Ooh, I feel that I am waiting for the exact same dramas as you. Cage of Love by Tong Hua, yaaasss. Hawick Lau, yaaaas. I’m also waiting for Miss Diamond and Song in the Clouds. Nothing else currently airing has caught my attention tho. I Just discovered your blog and I cannot control my laughter. Your humor is definitely appealing. Can’t wait for your next drama recap! 🙂


  6. chasingpolaris says:

    Waiting for your recaps.

    Hawick Lau is turning into Tiffany Tang in May – he has three dramas slated for broadcast. 5/25, 5/26 and 6/13.


    • deerlee says:

      Yaaasss I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more Hawick O u O… I’m so excited for the Imperial Doctress next week… I’ve had too much free time on my hands since I’ve had no dramas to watch


      • chasingpolaris says:

        Oh my goodness! Where did you find that info? I didn’t see it on their official Weibo the last time I checked. But whatever, as long as it’s airing! Been waiting for it since watching the theme MV.

        Alrighty, time to get back to drama watching for you!


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