大汉情缘之云中歌 – DROPPED *spoilers*

Hello all!

It’s been nearly an entire month since I’ve updated. I have been completely neglecting this blog, and I haven’t actually been watching any dramas either. I feel pretty guilty, like a kid quitting ice-skating lessons that her mom spent a lot of money for (ok that kid was me once), but believe me, I know that there are readers that check back for an update that are very unimpressed with my non-updated blog.


I have two reasons:

  1. I am so bored of this drama

Ok, it sounds like a cop-out… But jeez can someone tell me what is the biggest conflict here is???

I’ve watched up to Episode 30 (well, skimmed).

The moment that Yun Ge finds out that Liu Fu Ling is her ‘Ling Ge Ge’ is so infuriating I nearly threw my computer to the ground in rage. Ok, you’ve been dragging us on for 20 something episodes (that’s 960 minutes) and the revelation that she’s found her Ling Ge Ge was her pretending to have amnesia because she couldn’t accept it. 


I mean, that could be very heartfelt and sad in the plot, but Angelababy simply could not deliver a good performance. She literally has one pout to convey sadness, anger, disgust, and despair. When they finally get together, that OTP action wasn’t even that good. I was not swooning over their love – and I don’t know if it’s because I legit have zero attraction for Liu Fu Ling, or that the two actors really had no chemistry.


Again, after their anti-climatic meeting I really couldn’t see the point of continuing the drama. Like… what are we watching for? After they built up all this hype of them finding each other, there was no longer a… conflict. Moving on from them finding each other, it was just lovey dovey shots of Liu Fu Ling and Yun Ge – and Huo Cheng Jun and other people kept finding ways to trying to make Yun Ge miserable. It was the typical ‘let’s victimize the female lead so she looks resilient and elegant through it all’. It was boring at best with no huge plot event on the horizon so I don’t know what I was looking forward to. It just seemed… endless.


I was initially looking forward to seeing how Huo Cheng Jun becomes incredibly evil and becomes Empress and kills off Xu Ping Jun but maaaan I am pretty sick of watching Yang Rong play the bad guy. I mean I feel like I watched enough of her from Lady and the Liar – and I must say, I feel really bad for her. Like, it seems like her character will never get the guy she loves, she’s always blinded by revenge, and she’s always so… villainous. I mean, I just got tired of watching the same bad guy, and I’m not too attached to the remaining characters (Bing Yi and Xu Ping Jun) anyways.



2. I am dealing with a break-up ): and that’s why I haven’t been updating

I normally don’t share personal stuff on this drama blog, but after four years, me and, I guess I should say, my ‘ex’, decided to split. Getting back into the grove of things is hard but I’m taking it pretty well. I’m rewatching ‘In Time With You’ with Ariel Lin and I got so many feels. I thought I found my Li Da Ren 李大仁 but I guess I’l have to keep looking.

I’ll probably recap In Time With You because I love the characters so much and I get so many feels from this drama, so if you haven’t watched it, stay tuned!


21 thoughts on “大汉情缘之云中歌 – DROPPED *spoilers*

  1. kaitoujeanne says:

    Sorry for your breakup. Take your time with your updates. I will patiently wait for your updates. They always make me giggle. I couldn’t finish yun chong ge either that hair on what’s his face it just keeps annoying me. Not a fan of angelababy either.

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  2. domo says:

    Sorry to hear about what’s going on! I do enjoy your updates and did wonder about where you been but if anything take this time out for yourself ! Your readers appreciate all the effort you’ve put in this blog and we look forward to more hilarious recaps.

    Anyway, the part about YunGe and Liu Fuling after they meet/recognize each other – were my exact sentiments (refer to the earlier comments in the ep11-16 recap post) I totally called it when I warned you about spitting out even more blood once they find each other.
    The whole faking her amnesia thing was so unneccessary, frustrating and if you were to induce something new to a story to change things up a bit than what the novel had planned – then it better fucking makes sense. I’m not even asking for originality here anymore as I don’t think this prokaryotes in production are capable of doing so. The amnesia bullshit killed it all for me – makes their whole yearning for long-lost soulmate soo incredibly unbelievable and unconvincing that they were meant for each other, at least on Yun Ge’s end. Like she literally gives up on the first sign of defeat and they weren’t even in a relationship yet at that point. The fact that she tried to run away when she realized she was an idiot, was the nail in the coffin for this series. I don’t think a stronger actress would’ve made this unnecessary part of the plot any less meaningless but at least make it a better situation than what it had become. (Imagine Yang Rong with her almighty screen presence doing that scene – and how it might not actually seem so bad as much as it still doesnt make sense) Angelababy simply cannot keep up with the transition and range of emotions her character goes through, as her emotional depth as an “actress” is just well- nonexistent. To sum things up: A terrible plothole + shitty acting = lose-lose situation

    Why this series is a fail is an issue of chemistry between Yun Ge and Liu Fuling the main reason why most are even continuing this drag of a drama. I feel like Lu Yi is doing a nice job on his end as a man pining in love nailing even the smallest expressions, but Angelababy seems to be so out of tune with the connection he is trying to extend, it’s as if she is doing her own thing whenever they’re together that they both look out of place. It takes two to tango, honey. And I couldn’t agree more that Angelababy seems to be prancing around all day in his palace with all these lovey-dovey moments (that nobody feels anything for really) that it contributes essentially nothing to their relationship development.
    Liu Fuling seems to have much better chemistry with his Empress Xiao Mei than Yun Ge in this drama version, that it’s a shame they’re not the ones in love. They also look better as a couple too.

    Deer- I can’t seem to find recaps on your blog for Legend of Lu Zhen (aka. Female Prime Minister) so I don’t know if you have seen it but I am currently watching that and I am so hoooked!! if you are ever looking to start another after dropping this one. Lu Zhen is from 2013, and I have heard many good things about it mainly about the OTP chemistry before I finally gave it a shot, and boy do I wish that I started it earlier. It’s produced by the same guy who gave us the atrocity that is Love YunGe from the Desert – producer Yu Zheng, and it’s got the trademark shitty dialogues but somehow this is very entertaining. Main difference? Probably a leading lady that can act, and a leading man that is swoonworthy and together they ignite sparks. And there is an identifiable conflict.


    • deerlee says:

      Oh my gosh!!! I completely agree with your comment, especially about spitting blood with the stupid plotline with the amensia. Have you read the book before?? Was it part of the book?? Because if it wasn’t, I’d be even more unimpressed. You’re absolutely right with the lack of sense all the script writing because she really doesn’t fight for their relationship at all, and it’s infuriating and it makes us all not care about it either.

      I LOVE Xiao Mei though. I think that this drama has at least exposed me to Xiao Mei because I think she’s so gorgeous, and I totally agree that her relationship with Liu Fu Ling is much more appealing than with Yun Ge.

      I will definitely give Legend of Lu Zhen a shot from your review… i need something to swoon over haha


      • Elle says:

        I adore Empress Xiao Mei both in the books and this drama version! I think her and Xu Pingjun are the best cast in the drama, the actresses are pretty and do a good job. Angelababy has all the looks for Yun Ge but unfortunately not for the acting. Believe it or not, I have somehow made it to ep40 and she actually does a better job with the darker side of Yun Ge (though with the same blank eyed stare and same emotion for everything) I guess that look is more suited for that type of character lol.

        The amnesia thing was not in the book, and why the producers even made that crap up to put in the drama is beyond me. It contributes nothing to the plot and development, other than making audiences want to bang their head into a wall with a rusty nail sticking out of it. Such a turn off for their relationship cause I was not convinced that Yun Ge actually cared about her promise to Ling gege and worked opposite of the effect the producers wanted which was to have us sympathize with her.

        Lu Zhen is great! I was iffy in the beginning as it did not have the strongest introduction to the series imo, but a few episodes in and I was sold. I would be interested in reading your recaps for them!


        • deerlee says:

          I can’t believe it wasn’t in the book! It’s a dumb addition then, because I thought it was so unnecessary (and thought it was part of a plot, but just executed poorly) sigh butchered Tong hua’s story


  3. archidisign says:

    *Hugsss* I am sorry to hear that. In Time with You is definitely a great drama to watch during those times. Such a feel good drama! Take your time when it comes to recapping/writing for the blogs. 🙂 If you need other shows to recomfort you, I see Domo suggested for you to watch Legend of Lu Zhen. It is a great one!! I also recommend trying to watch Running Man (korean edition) to make you laugh when you need it 😉
    I was also watching Yun Zhong Ge, but had to give up due to the two slow evolution of the story and my lack of interest at some level… This is too bad because I was so ready to give Angelababy a chance after seeing her on Run Brother. Sad to admit, but she is definitely not a good actress… And she got recently casted in another drama. Ha.Ha (cries)

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    • deerlee says:

      She’s just so popular right now because of her high profile marriage to HXM and because of her good looks. I was really hoping that she was a good actress because I think she’s so gorgeous and I need someone to replace my fav drama actress Ariel Lin haha


  4. humbledaisy1 says:

    I hated checking the “like” button for this post but I hope things get better for you on the relationship front. As for the Cloud in the song – well, I’ll keep slogging through my four episodes a week on Maplestage un-subbed because of the pretty – but no longer because of the story. Really, after reading the book, the best story comes post Ling Ge Ge. Even though I hate that he goes – the story does pick up there. Best wishes!

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  5. Lafille says:

    Aww. I’m sorry about your breakup. But if you’re looking for something to watch I recommend Legend of Ban Shu, Wu Xin The Monster Killer and Nirvana in Fire. They are all historical Lol. I enjoy watching all of them, and I think they are the most spectacular and outstanding.

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  6. Elle says:

    Awww sorry to hear about what’s happenin 😦 updating your blog is least of all your problems right now but we do appreciate you letting us know what’s goin on. I don’t wish to sound insensitive but don’t think of it necessarily as a bad thing either, that’s how I deal with these situations in the past.

    If you need the perfect drama remedy now that you’ve dropped YZG, I see a few have suggested Legend of Lu Zhen for some serious lady kickass action and squealworthy OTP. Another vote for that ! And “Running Man” for the laughs. I am planning to start Wu Xin: Monster Killer too

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  7. Busy Bee says:

    Sorry to hear about your break up. Hope you will find your Li Da Ren. I admire your patience to watch the show. I decided not to after knowing Angle baby was in it. Will wait patiently for any updates. Take care.

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  8. yingniang says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that 😦 but I hope you’re doing well! Please take all the time to go pursue your interests and take your mind off things. Thank you also for your wonderful recaps! Stumbled upon this site a few days ago and I just love your reviews/commentaries. 🙂

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  9. Kiyu says:

    Hey Deer

    I have so missed you! I dropped this as well, it was mainly because of angelababy’s bad acting. Also the storyline did drag on a bit. I haven’t been watching any dramas either due to baby almost on it’s way! No time for dramas at all soon. But I’ll keep checking your blog to see if you’re watching anything new. Sorry to hear about your breakup (cyber hugs to you) xoxoxo missing your humorous posts!

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  10. Ang says:

    So sorry to hear about ur breakup! It’s almost the new year, new opportunities to meet a new guy 🙂 I wish you all the luck in finding ur true happiness! And you will find it one day, don’t give up hope! xoxoxo

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